Car Accident in Gaston County

If you have been in a auto accident, we understand what you are going through. You may be in a lot of pain, you might be needing medical treatment, or you might not be able to afford the care and treatment you need. That's why we are here to help. 

Should I accept a Settlement Offer? 

If you were not the one responsible for the accident, often times the insurer for the at-fault party will try to offer you a very meager settlement hoping you will be desperate enough to take the money and waive your rights to any potential law suit. Do NOT do this before talking to an attorney.

Why should I get an Attorney?

In many cases, you might be able to get a much larger settlement by retaining an attorney who can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.  There are a variety of issues that the insurer will try to bring up in an attempt to diminish the value of your claim. Having a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney on your side will help ensure that you receive the best possible outcome and get the money you deserve.