Co-Parenting Tips and Helpful Apps

Divorce can be hard, but you want the best for your kids. You also know that having two loving parents in your child's life is what's best for them in most families. For many divorced or separated parents, figuring out how to navigate co-parenting and child custody arrangements is the most challenging part of a divorce or separation. It's an issue where many of our clients ask for advice. So, in this post, we'll discuss tips for successful co-parenting and some technology solutions that can help.

Successful Co-parenting

  • Set your hurt and anger aside: Don't put your children in the middle, and don't use them as a messenger. You should vent to a friend, family member, or your therapist, but never to your child. 
  • Co-parent as a team: Try to set similar rules, schedules, and boundaries at each home. Make major decisions together and keep your co-parent informed. All of this can make things consistent for your child.
  • Make transitions and visitation easier: Help your kids prepare for and anticipate change. Stay positive. Additionally, try dropping off your child rather than picking them up. This method can keep you from interrupting your child's special goodbye with your co-parent.
  • Improve communication with your co-parent: Be business-like, make requests, not demands, and listen. Most importantly, keep your co-parent informed about schedules and activities.

Co-parenting and Custody Apps

Luckily, technology can help co-parents navigate visitations and make communication easier. Some of the best applications that can help you include:

  • 2Houses: This app has an interactive calendar, an information bank for important details about your child, and a financial management system. You can even print out your communications if needed.
  • Coparenter: This app has secure, non-trackable notifications for pick-ups and drop-offs, scheduling, and smart filters that catch possibly antagonistic language before you send it.
  • AppClose: AppClose can send requests to other people in your child's life, like daycare providers, lawyers, family members, and co-parents. It also records all communications and has an expense tracker.

Hire a Family Law Firm You Can Trust

Navigating a co-parenting relationship and visitation schedules can be hard. Whether you're at the beginning of a separation or divorce, or you're already in the thick of it, you need experienced guidance and legal advice from an experienced family lawyer. The skilled family lawyers at Caulder & Valentine have helped hundreds of families through custody matters. If you live near the Shelby or Gastonia areas of North Carolina, give us a call at 704-470-2440 or contact us online. We can review your options and help you navigate this new path.