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  • "Dedicated to their Client's Needs"

    Blake Caulder is phenomenal!! One of the most compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. We are so grateful that God placed this man in our lives, it feels like he is a part of our family! This is an amazing law firm that is truly dedicated to their clients needs.

    - Tammy Humphries

  • "Most Amazing Attorneys"

    I can’t say enough about Mr. Josh Valentine!!! He is the most amazing attorney we have ever worked with. He called me personally and responded to me even on the weekends and at night! I’ve never had an attorney that did that before. He let us know what to expect before and during the whole process. They are beyond reasonable with their prices!!! It brings me to tears when I think about how blessed we were to have him represent us!!!!

    - Bridgett Stenger

  • "An Answer to Prayer"

    Blake Caulder was an answer to prayer for my custody case. He listened with passion, wanting to know details that others would simply dismiss. I was at a brick wall with zero hope and within three weeks Mr. Caulder had my FULL legal and physical custody restored! I could not believe what he charged me….everywhere else was MUCH more (and He is definitely worth their prices). Blake was a God send and I will forever be grateful. He was so professional and such a good family man. Thank you Caulder and Valentine!

    - Shannon Moore

  • "Exceeded My Expectations"

    During the hardest time in my life, Josh Valentine represented me and gave me the hope and reassurance I needed to win my case. Mr. Valentine did his home work and was professional, organized and was five steps ahead of the other side. He never hesitated to respond back to a phone call, email or have me come in for an appointment to ease my mind. We had a huge VICTORY today!! And thanks to this law firm I won my case. I highly recommend Josh Valentine.

    - Christy Harper

  • "Can't Thank You Guys Enough"

    I can’t express how much Josh Valentine and Blake Caulder have went above any lawyers I know. They call me once a week just to make sure I am ok… they are kind and extremely smart. Can’t thank you guys enough!

    - Jamie Warner

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  • Our client was charged with 5 cocaine charges and a firearm charge in Cleveland County. Since the District Attorney did not have solid evidence or good arguments to convict our client, we took the case to trial. Mr. Valentine discredited the testimonies of the State's witnesses for two days. One ... Read On

  • Our client was charged with possessing methamphetamine after being stopped driving his friend's truck. Under North Carolina law, without having knowledge of something, you cannot be convicted of possessing it. Mr. Valentine was able to convince all 12 jurors that our client had no knowledge of th... Read On

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