How the pandemic will reshape the American family long term

Although we are all looking forward to a time when COVID-19 will be a thing of the past, there is no "getting back to normal." The pandemic has completely reshaped our society, and there is no better way to understand this than by looking through the lens of the American family. 


Relationship counselors consistently rank financial stress, boredom, parenting, and household chore disagreements, as some of the top causes for relationship troubles. When you combine those day-to-day issues with all of the fear, stress, anxiety, and grief associated with COVID-19, the risks for relationship troubles are even higher.

By April 2020, statistics showed that the number of people seeking a divorce had already increased by 34%. Additionally, 20% of couples married for five months or less had already sought out divorce during the few months of 2020, compared to just 11% during that same timeframe in 2019.

Widowed Partners 

In addition to more divorced families, the pandemic has increased the number of families that will be lead by widows. More than 340,000 people have died of the Coronavirus in the United States, and a disproportionate number of these deaths have been men. These unexpected coronavirus deaths have left widows with the daunting tasks of getting their deceased spouse's estate in order, raising children, caring for older family members, and bringing in salaries to maintain the home.   


Parents always want to protect their children's safety and welfare. Still, the COVID-19 pandemic has added another layer of stress to those parenting concerns. Not only do parents have to worry about their child's physical safety, but they also must be concerned with their child's risk of COVID exposure. If their co-parent has been ill, lives with someone who has been exposed, or there is an outbreak in their neighborhood, the other parent must decide whether their current custody arrangement is the safest option for their children or whether they should go back to court for a modified custody order. 

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