Our Victories

  • Father falsely accused of domestic violence gets primary custody of his three young children after court hearing

    A concerned father of three children burdened by false allegations of domestic violence turned to Mr. Caulder for help. The children's mother tried to use the false domestic violence allegations as leverage against the father. Mr. Caulder presented evidence to the court refuting the allegations o... Read On

  • Loving aunt adopts nephew she cared for since birth

    After raising the young boy as her own, the aunt of the child retained Mr. Caulder to obtain full custody and then eventually terminate the rights of the boy's biological parents who refused to provide adequate housing, support, or resources for the child. After a contested court hearing, the cou... Read On

  • Grandmother obtains custody of grandchild after father suffers from addiction and anger management problems

    Mr. Caulder represented the child's paternal grandmother in a complex case where the child's mother was suffering from substance abuse issues and the father also struggled with drug addiction and had an anger management problem. Mr. Caulder was able to get emergency custody for the grandmother an... Read On

  • Father gets joint custody of his child within two weeks of hiring Mr. Caulder

    The father of a five-year-old boy hired Mr. Caulder to get visitation with his son after the child's mother tried desperately to alienate the father. When the father met with Mr. Caulder, he had only seen his son a few times within the last two years. Within two weeks of hiring Mr. Caulder, howev... Read On

  • Non-compliant mother threatened with jail time for violating order

    Mr. Caulder represented the father of two young children who shared joint custody with the children's mother. After the mother persistently refused to meet the father to exchange the children as ordered by the court and would not even communicate with the father about how the children were doing,... Read On

  • Over $1 million in assets protected during separation

    Mr. Caulder represented a hard-working engineer who had over $1 million saved for retirement and a paid-off home. The representation involved the client's separation from a controlling and manipulative woman. The client's marriage seemed promising for a while, but suddenly the woman became so con... Read On

  • Concerned Grandmother awarded primary custody due to mother’s drug use

    Mr. Caulder successfully obtained primary custody for the grandmother of a nine-month-old child after the child's mother overdosed on fentanyl with the child in her care. After meticulously gathering evidence and obtaining a court-ordered drug test of the mother, Mr. Caulder convincingly presente... Read On

  • Primary Custody for Children's Father

    Mr. Valentine was retained by a young father and his fiancé, a schoolteacher at a local public school, in a custody battle with the mother of his two minor children. The mother had withheld the children from Father for months during the pandemic and filed suit for custody. Following substantial p... Read On

  • Custody of Missing Children

    Mr. Caulder was retained by a desperate father in Cleveland County to regain primary custody of his 16 and 17-year-old sons after the boys ran away from home because they refused to return to their mother. The boys threatened to commit suicide due to the abuse they alleged to have occurred at the... Read On

  • Primary Custody Awarded to Client

    In a high stakes case, a judge awarded primary custody to our client , the children's mother. Both parents were seeking primary custody and had good arguments, but Mr. Valentine was able to unequivocally present the facts... Read On