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Case Results

  • Possess Methamphetamine - Not Guilty

    Our client was charged with possessing methamphetamine after being stopped driving his friend's truck. Under North Carolina law, without having knowledge of something, you cannot be convicted of possessing it. Mr. Valentine was able to convince all 12 jurors that our client had no knowledge of th... Read On

  • Felony Intimidating a Witness and Misdemeanor Injury to Personal Property - Dismissed

    Our client ended up getting charged with misdemeanor injury to personal property after domestic dispute in Lincoln County. Through a series of miscommunications, she got charged with an extortion felony charge in Gaston County. Mr. Valentine was able to secure dismissals in both counties after ou... Read On

  • Primary Custody Awarded to Client

    In a high stakes case, a judge awarded primary custody to our client , the children's mother. Both parents were seeking primary custody and had good arguments, but Mr. Valentine was able to unequivocally present that facts and circumstances to make it clear that the children's best interest was t... Read On