The Tech You Need for Support During Your Divorce

After a divorce, you'll find that your life gets more complicated - not less. Even during divorce processes, you'll find that handling your emotions, expenses, and plans can be overwhelming. 

If you need a helping hand to guide you through your divorce, you can always rely on your loved ones - and a good Gastonia or North Carolina divorce attorney. However, the 21st century brings with it unique opportunities for tools that can help you navigate divorce proceedings.

Divorce-Related Apps, Websites, and Digital Downloads

Whether you need help communicating with your ex or streamlining complex finances, we have good news: There's an app for that.

Consider these resources if you need help with:

  • Co-Parenting. If you have children with your ex, you might wonder just how you'll manage weekend visits, daily activities, and all kinds of other essential staples of parenthood without contentious conversations. With the help of apps like OurFamilyWizard, Talking Parents, or CoParently, you'll have all of the tools you need (such as shared calendars, easy communication tools, and automatic record-keeping) to raise happy kids even after your separation.
  • Keeping all divorce-related documentation in one place. Divorce brings with it a lot of hugely important paperwork. Navigate those files easily with DivorceLog App.
  • Splitting assets - and managing shared ones. iSplit Divorce is an intuitive tool you and your ex can use to create a visual map of assets - making equitable distribution something that is possible without spreadsheets (and subsequent migraines).
  • Calculating child support. SupportPay is a great option for parents who need a clear way to manage child support, expenses for children, alimony, and more.
  • Mental and emotional support: Need help with your self-care or your mental health as you move past your divorce? Divorceify, a web-based service that can help you find therapists or support groups, or Mend, a healthcare communication platform, can both help you find the assistance you need.

Trusted, Reliable North Carolina Divorce Lawyers

As helpful as a good co-parenting app is, there's nothing quite like an expert legal team to guide you through confusing divorce processes. At the Caulder & Valentine Law Firm, PLLC, our experienced attorneys are here for you. 

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