Taking Care of Yourself During a Divorce: A Guide

When you and your partner have come to the hard decision that it's time to part ways, a difficult path lies before you both. Whether the choice to divorce was mutual or not, it is vital that you take concrete steps to take care of yourself during and after the separation process.

Studies show that people with a propensity towards depression experience increased rates of depressive episodes after a divorce. Even those who don't have that type of history are at risk of PTSD and “distressful psychological symptoms.”

Being proactive about your self-care regimen is an excellent way to defend yourself against undue trauma. Wondering just how to make that happen? We're here to help with five tips for optimal divorce-related self-care.

Self-Care Strategies During Your Divorce

  1. Spend time with people you love. It's easy to feel utterly alone during a divorce. You must remember that your divorce doesn't mean that you're tackling your future solo. Surround yourself with people who love you during your divorce; it'll help you to concentrate on your stable relationships while your marriage comes to its end. 
  1. Get some exercise. Moving your body has mood-boosting benefits. It can be tempting to take it easy while you get the paperwork finalized, but taking time to make sure you feel your best will help make sure your confidence grows each day.
  1. Tend to your space. As you work to protect your assets during a potentially contentious separation, remember that some of those assets - your home, your belongings - could trigger unhelpful memories and sentiment. Taking time to do a deep clean of your home (and strategically removing or storing specific photos or mementos) can help you reorient yourself to a brand new future.
  1. Reach out to others with similar experiences. You may already know people who have been through a divorce. You may not. If you don't, it may help reach out to support groups online or in your area. Meeting new people will help you move forward with your life - and having discussions with people who understand your experiences can help you deal with the confusing emotions you may be feeling.
  1. Work with an innovative legal team to handle difficult tasks. Divorce procedures can take a lot out of you. Allowing those with the expertise to bear the load for you can let you focus on healing and moving on.

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