High-Profile Divorce

When you think of a “high-profile” divorce, you probably imagine celebrity divorces splashed across the covers of tabloid magazines. But you don't have to be a household name to be considered high-profile.

At Caulder & Valentine, we're experienced North Carolina family law and divorce attorneys who help couples get through a divorce without drawing attention or ruining reputations. If you have questions about a high-profile divorce, contact our offices today.

What Is a High-Profile Divorce?

A high-profile divorce involves at least one person who has public notoriety or reputation of some kind and believes a divorce would negatively reflect this image. A high-profile person seeking a divorce may choose to hire a smaller law firm that's experienced in such cases to keep their divorce more discreet.

Examples of High-Profile Divorces

  • The CEO of a publicly traded company doesn't want their divorce to decrease investors' confidence in the company.

  • A professional athlete who didn't sign a prenuptial agreement with their spouse now wants a divorce and to maintain some of their assets.

  • A university professor is about to interview for a Department Chair position and is worried that news about their divorce will hurt their chances of getting the job.

  • A business owner who is overseeing a big merger between two local firms wants a divorce, so they hire a specialized divorce law firm to keep the divorce tidy while they focus on the merger.

  • A politician running for local or state office wants a discreet divorce so as not to impact their campaign.

Choose the Right Attorneys to Handle a High-Profile Divorce

Your reputation may only extend as far as the local business community, but a messy, public divorce can still impact your standing. Unfortunately, rumors can spread quickly about someone with a public reputation.

If you're a high-profile person who's unsure about getting a divorce because of how it might impact your public or work life, talk to the North Carolina divorce attorneys at Caulder & Valentine. We've handled high-profile divorces in Shelby, Gastonia, and throughout the state. Contact us today to discuss your high-profile divorce.